in Jin Yong’s classic martial arts novel Eagle Shooting Heroes in Taohua Island

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in Jin Yong’s classic martial arts novel Eagle Shooting Heroes in Taohua Island, Zhou Botong was trapped for more than ten years, carefree get boring, so the left and the right fight, to pass the time, self entertainment. Not about the operation later in this Bo become a stunt in under the guidance of the Guo Jing, the famous lake. Recently, Asia’s biggest Internet companies Tencent Inc also staged a so each stroke play. March 6th, the landing QQ, when the mouse pointer to the weather forecast function, next to the popup window appears where to go to network to remind you and other words, at the same time, where to go to net 80 percent off ticket advertising also very awake small window appeared in the weather forecast in. Tencent IM to advertising implanted where some people wonder, Tencent last year is not a stake in elong, and Tencent old rival Baidu shares qunar, at the same time the online travel market, art dragon and where to go to net kill be inextricably involved. Tencent IM client implantation where advertising, not give yourself up? I think that, the Internet enterprise cooperation in competition, competition in the cooperation, in line with the modern commercial development law, also accord with the demand of enterprise development. Tencent and old rivals site owned by cooperation, seemingly absurd, in fact, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, for three main reasons: , the only competitors exist to make ourselves strong first, I tell a everyone has heard stories. That is, a wolf and a deer in the forest, a wolf often eat deer. So the hunter put wolves killed, did not expect the final result deer did not prosper. But because the wolf was killed, because there is no natural enemies and deer became lazy, the final degradation. The same principle is used in the body is also very appropriate for Tencent, Tencent is the boss of China’s Internet, with the hands of the 600000000 users, when involved in some areas are often successful, occupy the market in a short time. But Tencent itself also know that a single large is not conducive to the market, is not conducive to their development, so the manmade for the training of art dragon’s competitive ability, at the same time to accelerate the cultivation of online travel market. two, cooperation and competition coexist in Apple Corp and Samsung Corp every hit saliva battle, motionless beat lawsuits banned reparations, but this does not hinder the core iPhone accessories provided by Samsung Corp. Tencent is also same, Tencent is China’s Internet public enemy, what areas are involved, often end up some Venture Company jobs. Although Tencent strong let many people flinch, but since the original, Tencent open platform force, a lot of Tencent rival companies and Tencent launched cooperation. Where to go to net club although Baidu is the main rival, but in the tourism field of vertical search Tencent may think Baidu where network than his art dragon well done

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