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in recent years, the Internet industry has obtained a rapid development, showing a thriving state, performance is the major Internet Co listed on stock price hit record highs in the stock market, in the public opinion on Internet is capricious tyrant employees yearend bonus, in addition, television advertising has been more and more Internet Co occupied. , according to incomplete statistics, in 2015 the show before the start of the prime advertising time, the emergence of a large number of Internet Co’s brand, such as the only product, Sue Ning Yigou, Baidu maps, the car drops, fast taxi, millet, go to the market network and so on. But in front of the 2014 horse show, the main advertising is Jingdong, millet, 360, go to the market, Tencent and so on. The past two years, the Internet Co’s CCTV television advertising has almost half of the country from development to dominate the political arena, is what makes it so capricious? 1, dynamic, Internet companies pay more attention to the general population, also begin to pay more attention to the landing the Chinese Internet companies are in the virtual network, the user group is an important focus in the network, mainly young people, this part of the population is poor, so the TV preferences, from the beginning of the TV to subvert the Internet companies have often object television such traditional media and don’t even say to spend heavily to advertise television. since the mobile Internet has become the focus for the Internet Co, the Internet Co of TV media’s attitude began to change. from the Internet advertising business before and after the CCTV Spring Festival evening show can be seen, the Internet Co is engaged in the mobile Internet business, or business enterprise, the business development cannot do without landing experience, depth have been touched by the family and all aspects of society, the elderly and children are the target customers group, the network media coverage has been unable to meet the needs of advertising and marketing, the use of television media has become the inevitable choice. 2, the rich, the traditional industry is very bad money, the Internet industry hot money flowing Internet Co invested heavily in advertising on CCTV Spring Festival evening prime time, and choose the much anticipated, nature is not bad money. Compared with the Internet Co, China’s traditional industries and the real economy is experiencing an unprecedented winter, even with the idea to do advertising, are weak. in fact, China Internet has experienced five years of rapid investment period, reached new heights in 2014. In this year, with TABLE as the backbone of the China Internet Corporation has expanded in the private business, foreign investment is more generous, hundreds of millions of dollars or tens of millions of dollars. Alibaba, Jingdong, the only product, Jumei Youpin microblog, unfamiliar street and so on, the listing and financing, but also into a lot of blood Chinese Internet capital. capital markets for Internet investment enthusiasm to a new climax. Statistical data, in 2015 January in China.

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