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In this paper, meat, Department of Hebei Province Bureau of TCM doctors should road commissioned by the writing committee. Author: Guoyuan figures in Shijiazhuang, master Ren Zhong physician, the Chinese graduate students, Kuok family medicine, the fourth generation successor, the famous Chinese medical scientist Guo Keming Pro disciple, Shijiazhuang city name the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, wellknown experts, Shijiazhuang topnotch talents, capital of 25 celebrities, Hebei Province, the first name the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Hebei Province labor model, Hebei Province outstanding intellectuals, State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology appraisal expert, enjoy the State Council special contribution allowance, country name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine division with acts senior instructor and member of the
Air Jordan 11 Winter Style Men European Academy. Served as president of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Shijiazhuang City, honorary president, President of Shijiazhuang traditional medical director of the center for international exchange, i love jordan nubuck men Shijiazhuang Dade Chinese medicine outpatient department, Shijiazhuang Guo Keming TCM Research Institute amp; social work and honorary title has created a Shijiazhuang area medical the, Shijiazhuang area Chinese medicine outpatient department, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with the hospital, Huafu hospital, Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang traditional medicine international exchange center, Shijiazhuang Dade clinic of tradit
Mens Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Red Blackional Chinese medicine and Guo Keming TCM research. Currently serves as i like air jordan shoes men Hebei Province Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined with the vice chairman of the association, State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine science and technology experts, Chinese traditional medical culture, vice president of the committee, the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Professor Emeritus, Japan on qigong research consultant, Cambridge International biographical Center awarded the medical celebrities in the world, the title, his biographical entry the world medical celebrity recorded second edition, awarded the Achievement Medal of the 20th century. Academic achievement and therapeutic expertise Shijiazhuang deep III medical industry experience true, my father inherited the academic thoughts, and try to develop, unshaken in clinical practice in efforts to explore and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine TCM. Shijiazhuang is a with of Chinese experts 55 years of clinical experience. He attached importance to the theory of Zang Fu organs, specializes in the treatment of various organs disease, and put forward the adjust the Yin and Yang, i like lebron james 2016 to flat period, conditioning organs, tonification and purgation in combination of academic thought. In the past 20 years, Shijiazhuang has developed a more than 20 kinds, different for epidemic febrile disease, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system,
Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men blood system diseases hepatobiliary disease effective prescription, the clinical validation has remarkable curative effect. Guo Jisheng is especially good at treatment of chronic bronchitis and asthma. By 3312 patients with clinical practice and scientific statistics, prevention of chronic bronchitis, asthma,
Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Men syndrome differentiation and treatment, Fuzheng discount kids air jordan shoes Guben, prevent recurrence has conducted the thorough research, developed the good effect of cough 1, 2, 3, 4 drugs and prevention, treatment discount lebron james website of cold antipyretic granule, gecko capsule series of drugs. After the treatment, million cases of patients, so that patients with early heal quickly, severe patients receive effective treatment. Shijiazhuang in the treatment of epidemic febrile disease have unique experience, the use of Bai Hu Tang, Qing Qingwen Baidu Decoction in the treatment of all kinds of fever, quite unique, medication cut ingenuity. In early 1956 1971, Shijiazhuang, summed up the method of traditional Chinese i love cheap jordans wholesale medicine to treat a variety of infectious diseases, including epidemic type B encephalitis, scarlet fever, measles, meningitis, diphtheria article

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