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Scene of accident. Network accident scene photos. Pictures from the network, the original title: G42 Hurong Expressway Changzhou part of vehicle rear end accident news dispatch (reporter Li Xi uh) on April 2, 13 when Xu 30 points, G42
Carmelo Anthony Shoes Hurong Expressway Changzhou section i like air jordan shoes men from Nanjing to Shanghai direction 151k too Henglin hub 4 km near the vehicle rear end accident occurrence. According to Jiangsu Expressway Network Operation and Management Co., Ltd. official micro channel content, 15 points and 11 points near the scene of the accident of one-way traffic terminal, due to the need to deal with, the discount lebron james website facts to the direction of Shanghai, the Luo river at the junction of the disposal flow, the <
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Fusion Jordan Skyblue Yellowa href="" > accident is still under treatment. Some accident photos from near the scene of the user, about 20 cars i love cheap jordans wholesale collided, accident vehicle types, i love jordan nubuck men including cars, jeeps, van, bus and many other car front and rear due to the effect
Blake Griffin Shoes Fusion Jordan Men of completely deformed and broken windows. An eyewitness reports, after the accident, the ambulance arrived at the scene, many people were taken away by emergency personnel. Due to the incident when the rain, the road is very slippery, that piece of ground traffic accidents, all of discount kids air jordan shoes the lanes are accounted for, a car can not go". Witnesses said there are still many owners are still waiting for rescue. Editor: Wang Haocheng article key words: i like lebron james 2016 Shanghai Chengdu
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men high-speed accident rescue

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