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Original title: the next two years, Beijing will be refined decoration Chang’an Avenue news (reporter Xin) known as the "China’s first street", Chang’an Avenue to the whole renovation. Will be completed this year, three ring Chang’an Avenue landscape upgrade next year, cross
Merrell Shoes board upgrade. City in director Yan Feng environmental remediation Committee said, Chang’an Street, the overall landscape will become the "series", Ruyi, clouds, lotus buy air max shoes online Chinese traditional culture elements are added to the design, including furniture city, system identification, municipal facilities, urban lighting. Chang’an Avenue "object" to show the future of the traditional beauty, Chang’an Avenue, each object will be designed. Yan Feng said, including the guardrail, bus station, manhole cover, and litter box, mail and other, will design and "series", Chang’an Street landscape, everywhere is the boutique "effect. Public service facilities of different design and extension routes in Changan market. The reporter saw, different kinds of guardrail is bronze and beige design and the use of the lotus, Ruyi, clouds and other elements, and the use of stainless steel, fluorocarbon paint. Yan Feng said that the symbols of these cultural elements will be added to the Chang’an Avenue
Lebron James Shoes logo style, urban furniture, using the logo system, municipal facilities, urban lighting facilities, such as the 30 major categories of 4. Beijing’s architectural design of a designer Xu Chongyi introduced these elements mainly from the overall consideration i like air max shoes of the design, display Chinese traditional decoration and design, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online and the facilities in Chang’an Avenue are embodied in the. In addition, the 2 Dongdan overpass will also be repaired. Yan Feng introduction, Dongdan south, north two overpass will be used for steel structure, increase the barrier free facilities, the bridge deck pavement non slip surface materials, style and Xidan North Avenue overpass coordination. Rings in the overhead line will
Penny Hardaway Shoes be in the Changan market this year, in addition to facilities, lighting billboards will also improve the overall. City deputy city lighting committee. The Tiananmen east and west side through the red walls and police grey wall existing landscape lighting facilities and trails lamp part Xinhua Gate, will be transformed. In addition, the City Project Construction Committee Director Cui Xuan launched outdoor billboards, will be strictly in accordance with the outdoor advertising planning and publicity planning and processing facilities fixed. He said that does not meet the standard billboards will be removed, along the Chang’an Avenue area of the group of patches of the two sides will be strictly "one shop a plaque, the plaque set up to remove, set up in different places. Yan Feng said that within fifth of the ring road, urban roads, subway planning within the scope of the city road and other major roads and regional limits, not new set of overhead line. In addition, he said that this year will be completed within fifth km of the 100 km of the main road communication overhead lines, and the core area of 11 km of key road overhead lines into the earth. The i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes secret of design inspiration from the summer palace, forbidden city bus station can be reported "station" in the near future, Changan Street everywhere visible "Xiangyun", "ideal" pursuit. i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Xu Chongyi said that these design elements are from the Imperial Palace, the Summer Palace and other famous traditional Chinese space. For example, sources in the Forbidden City Ruyi pattern, white marble railings Ruyi pattern in the summer palace, inspiration from the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online palace Yudao cloud cloud. How ancient art into modern decoration? Xu Chongyi said, first of all, from the original acquisition and restoration of traditional location

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