Internet has become the main direction of the change in the industry

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Internet has become the main direction of the change in the industry, a few days ago wrote is the traditional mobile phone companies will die? Today, to talk about the traditional TV companies in the Internet time. As the mobile phone industry, TV industry and TV network, and then the TV hardware prices fall, TV manufacturers rely on content, service revenue model. The current smart TV field there are two types of Companies: is a kind of traditional TV manufacturers and Internet Co to build smart TV, SKYWORTH, Konka, industry representatives, TCL Hisense; another kind is the Internet Co to create their own smart TV, for example, as the music, millet. The two model is the TV on behalf of the mode of Internet Era, represents the model as well as other intelligent hardware products, in simple terms is a jointly build ecological system, another is the creation of ecological system. if we from the this word, the traditional TV companies and Internet Co cooperation mode is the meaning, which is the route one must take a different from the required. The Internet is not the subversion of the traditional TV traditional companies to embrace the Internet to obtain not only the Internet content and valueadded services revenue, but a new TV ecosystem. The traditional TV companies do not have Internet content, after the charges, so the cooperation with the Internet Co can make up their own short board. For example, Konka, the Milky Way, Tencent three party to launch the T60 super TV, on the depth of integration of video resources, games, music Tencent video rich, Konka has the ability to provide the content, value added services. Hisense, TCL, SKYWORTH are doing similar work. at the same time, Internet Co are also eager to snatch any in addition to mobile phone entrance competition, the television screen, auto screen any piece of the screen has become the focus of contention, and cut the hardware manufacturing field is obviously not good at the Internet Co, will also cause the strategy of Internet platform of their own limited. Then with the Hard Suits Inc as they robbed mainly means the entrance, in addition to providing content, services, also provides marketing platform, sales channels. in this way, the TV hardware manufacturers, Internet Co teamed up to create a set of hardware, software, content and marketing as one of the ecological system. When the smart TV users to reach more than 5000000 active users, the entire ecosystem can produce substantial advertising, valueadded services revenue, and hardware manufacturers and Internet into, make hardware manufacturers can also get valueadded services revenue. But for the enterprise hardware and software for both sides, this model is more open, it will not restrict the ecological chain enterprises to create its own label. And presented to the user in the content and the choice will be more abundant and convenient. in fact, in the absence of more than 5000000 active user base, depending on the content, service profit is an empty word. Whether music or millet.

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