Introduction: spent 7 years studying philosophy

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Introduction: spent 7 years studying philosophy, aesthetics master highland became automobile Internet circle the iron lady. She and perilous peaks Huaxing Chen Keyi just talk for 20 minutes, got nearly a million dollars angel investment Poland poetess Wislawa Szymborska once said, life is long, but the best brief resume. Hyland’s resume all around the vehicle start, before 10 years of occupation career seems to be laying the groundwork for the ox cart network. She was a senior reporter twentyfirst Century economic report, writes a column car middot; said. Later, she served as deputy editor, Phoenix Tencent automobile net car center director and news network CEO grade. She spent two years to ifeng auto channel from zero starting point for the development of becoming the first portal auto channel, took a year to become mainstream media auto Internet circle the car network anonymous. automotive community website oxcart net is her latest work. At the beginning of 2013, and after Xianfeng Huaxing talk for 20 minutes, hy got nearly a million dollars. Soon, the cart online line. only to know a car expert cooperation is still in the car network as CEO, hy do a scrap scrap square column, dismantling the market on the hot models and compared, to help consumers a more comprehensive understanding of vehicle. Unexpectedly, this column is very soon the fire, to the web site to a lot of traffic. At that time the value of nearly a million dollars in chat, Hyland said to Chen Keyi, in the car under the condition of asymmetric information in longterm, the users are very thirsty, provide trustworthy content must be popular. hy the oxcart net defines understand car expert platform. In this platform, know a car car expert comments, answer questions, help the user to refit a car. The ox cart network is still the recently launched oxcart refitting App, just three months in the car modification type App for the first time, at present each month to help users to complete the conversion of dozens of single. Providing a lot of case modification the oxcart modification, each case modification have modified expert support, registered users can contact and modification expert calls directly, quickly realize the modification plan. HY hope oxcart network constructed from ecological system to know a car expert users, build trust chain, the maximum extent to help users complete automobile trading. runs the site is also a group of expert. In addition to hy, CTO before Li Tiejun was Qihoo 360 search technical director of the Department, recently joined the secondhand car fat Wang Meng from Asia’s largest trading market of used motor vehicles Beijing Linghai, has more than 10 years of secondhand car business experience, responsible for the formation of the cart network secondhand car line division. cart network had previously introduced the auto mobile community App carts to help, but the development is not just as one wishes. HY do admit, auto mobile community is very difficult, because the automobile purchase is trading consumer behavior of low frequency, how can the community driven highfrequency time? She

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