Introduction: under the dome each part reflects the internet

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Introduction: under the dome each part reflects the internet. Not many people Internet thinking, is some way to make a fortune. However, Chai female gave us an addiction. 2 on the morning of 28, released Jing Chai survey: under the dome topics and an interview with Jing Chai article. Which detonated the public attention to the documentary and discussion of haze. At noon, under the dome online Tencent video, network, each big video website as network etc Under the dome is a documentary is 103 minutes long one, by the former famous CCTV host, reporter Jing Chai at their own expense, shooting, in depth investigation focusing smog and air pollution, mainly for what is haze, its formation and solution, has carried on the quite thorough recording and analysis. Mr has just been appointed Minister of environmental protection Chen Jining actively chose to meet with the media, the forum, Chen Jining has recently aroused the concern of Jing Chai haze documentary under the dome appreciation, says its behavior is worthy of admiration. Chen Jining said, Jing Chai’s documentary reflects the new media age, between the government, society and how the media interaction problem, should work together to improve people’s awareness of environmental protection, promote the development of environmental protection work, to face the today we afraid is the history of mankind has never environmental challenges. I think, under the dome in every part of the Internet, is also reflected, we have numerous never cries, many in the population, is the way to make a fortune, some people however, really implement several people, under the dome, Chai female, gave us an addiction. To use the Internet thinking to the interpretation of a media, new media at this moment to shine. , channel of distribution, video website full network coverage of Tencent technology statistics, as of twenty thirty on February 28th, documentary on each network platform has been accumulated broadcast more than 35000000 times, in two days, the video on the broken billion. In March 2nd, the number of read Sina microblog hot topic # Jing Chai haze survey # has reached 300000000. In February 28th, Jing Chai documentary under the dome Twentyone thirteen on Statistics: Tencent: 35960000, 34935 comments : 4810000, 10835 comments As of 3250000, 46 comments: Sohu: 950000, 261 comments potatoes: 360000, 2380 comments : Phoenix 240000, 9 comments : 1.8 million, 21 comments according to incomplete statistics, in the under the dome released in 12 hours, the click volume has exceeded 6000000 times, more than 12000 comments per hour, and the new broadcast playback volume 500000 times of rapid growth, a record serious public long video broadcast recording. According to

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