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Original title: subsidies for new energy vehicles, drop, still free card Shanghai Morning Post reporter Lin Jinyu free license highest 5.4 million yuan subsidies, subsidies for new energy vehicles in Shanghai finally landed, the broken needle three months of new energy automobile market to restart. Yesterday,
Carmelo Anthony Shoes the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other seven ministries issued the "Shanghai encourage the purchase and use of new energy vehicles 2016 revised Interim Measures" provisions, the pure electric passenger car allowance 00000 yuan to 3 yuan, i like lebron james 2016 electric hybrid car (including additional plans) the maximum subsidy of 100 million yuan, the hybrid electric vehicle can get maximum subsidy of 140 million yuan in additional subsidies. Meet the three conditions will obtain additional subsidies for new standards, all in compliance with national standards in type electric electric hybrid power passenger car can receive state financial subsidies of 300 million, and the Shanghai municipal government subsidies 100 million yuan, 200 million yuan of the following subsidies in place of 300 million, subsidy also from 60000 yuan down to 400 million yuan. Design; is worthy of note, the new policy increased
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men an additional provision, meet the requirements of the national technical models mixed interpolation, if they meet the following i love jordan nubuck men three conditions, you can get additional 1.4 million yuan subsidy in place: the three con
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Fusion Jordan Skyblue Yellowditions is engine displacement of less than or equal to 1.6L; mixed mode integrated fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is less than or equal to the 5.9l tank volume is less than or equal to 40L. Industry analysts pointed out that the new energy vehicles in the new deal in Shanghai set up three conditions of energy-saving and environmental protection considerations, the tank is less than or equal to 40L based on hybrid electric and oil, according to milea Ge, 40L tank has been able to meet the hybrid electric vehicle mileage 5 kilometers pass around a traditional energy automobile par. The larger fuel tank is likely to cause some consumers to use hybrid cars as conventional energy vehicles without charging. Hybrid dynamic model combined fuel consumption of 100 kilometers less than
Blake Griffin Shoes Fusion Jordan Men or equal to 5.9l is below national 1.6L displacement passenger car of 3000 yuan energy-saving Huimin subsidies threshold and hybrid vehicles meet the pure fuel automobile fuel consumption threshold is also environmentally friendly. Volume license with i love cheap jordans wholesale the car scrappage scheme also requires, consumers buy new energy vehicles (except for the import of new energy vehicles), on the basis of central government subsidies, according to the Shanghai city new energy automobile registration model information related records discount lebron james website and the city to determine the subsidy discount kids air jordan shoes standards, Shanghai city to give financial aid. The amount of special license is further defined, the vehicle is scrapped, and the license is not valid. Approach noted that consumers buy new energy vehicles for non operating and individual consumers in the name of the city of Shanghai City, the new energy automobile city, Shanghai City, issued a special permit free of charge. For the use of a special license amount of new energy vehicles, the implementation of car license system, shall not be used for pension card business, and from the date of opening of the special license within 3 years, may not be transferred. New energy vehicles scrapped, the amount of special license automatically void. For the transfer of the registration, cancellation of registration, registration of stolen, no longer issue a certificate. Approach stressed that the application of new energy vehicles, is i like air jordan shoes men the city of Shanghai in the sale and use, has been incorporated into the country’s new energy vehicles

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