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Last weekend, a micro Bo Hunan satellite TV, Internet and television media into the circle of two the official said: in the future, Hunan satellite TV has a complete intellectual property rights of homemade programs will be broadcast only by mango TV, not on the Internet all copyright distribution, to build their own Internet video platform. All channel programmes throughout Hunan radio and television, absolutely not allowed to arbitrarily and outside new media cooperation. this means, has a strong production and promote the ability of the Hunan satellite TV, fired the first shot, television counterattack video site yesterday, Anhui satellite TV has also issued a similar statement, tore up the video copyright transfer agreement under a variety show, it is by the Hunan big brother incentive. Behind the copyright recovery: hurry TV? it is easy to understand, the video site through these years of development, has grown from the original small stage is selfcontained, in eating TV brand advertising and take more users, prospects are expected to rise; on television, his bitter business planning or copy program. The ratings did not improve much, it is the major site of copyright in their own site promotion, while also earned a pen royalties, but unwilling to give up the money, then, began to vigorously support. in the China economy gradually tends to the market of today, television hanging state cadres Title leaders, still do not seem to quite understand market formats of Internet industry. I still remember my four year internship in a TV, from the downstairs security to the producer, director, assistant, are all filled with a sense of superiority and a rather than civil servants. on the development of television, has experienced a process from the stateowned enterprises and institutions to editing in separation, such as CCTV, Beijing station, the real work is more outside the system of the enterprise employees, they pay great attention to the program, a few years ago, a TV of my classmates even to carry bags, mountaineering bags, moistureproof pad to work overtime to make the film, but it is likely to enter the television the door, still have within the system employees with work permits to ground. may have asked you a non empty, how do you know the TV so? only that my college classmates after graduation, more than half of all over the country to work in television that I won’t talk returned to the copyright, the majority of young people, including television staff know over the Internet including mobile terminal is the trend of the times to see the show, was able to maintain a certain television ratings and advertising revenue, because the old users are in the long tail, two because of some independent broadcast realtime content comprehensive talent TV play sports, to recover the copyright that kind of thing, I believe more is leadership is the cool gameplay video site to push, to cope with the hand, perhaps within a few months, you can

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