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lead: 12 month 8 days, multiplying the electronic commerce under the mobile application the main female crossborder shopping sea honey completed 15000000 yuan of angel investment, investors are: Yuan Bao Pu, Beibei network and a delta bonded warehousing Service Corporation. 12 month 8 days, multiplying the electronic commerce under the mobile application the main female crossborder shopping sea honey completed 15000000 yuan, the investment side respectively: ingot Pu, Beibei net and a parent triangle bonded warehousing Service Corporation. sea honey was founded in 2014 September, its original intention is to build a connection platform between the domestic and foreign professional buyers sea Tao users, achieve perfect docking between the two. Not only can eliminate language, tariffs and other basic obstacles, but also through the big data technology upgrade sea Tao user shopping convenience and timeliness. according to the sea honey founder Xu Jun introduced: tell him in the USA life experience, crossborder business ushered in a burst of growth period in the next few years will be the domestic. Mainly based on two reasons: one is the upgrading of domestic consumption structure, will inevitably lead to the upgrading of the consumption power; two is the difference between the price and quality of goods abroad than domestic, cheap, quality is guaranteed, for example the TOMMY brand shirts, buy a 1000 yuan in China, in America 200 yuan is enough. also like some food and health care products, Chinese no production of raw materials, production does not come out. But this has both the quality and security of the goods so why not share to China? Xu Jun said: at present, the sea honey platform into two lines of business: one is sea Tao flash purchase; two is the overseas commodity buyers shopping spree scene direct seeding. The two major business lines all sellers are to undergo a rigorous screening and the identity authentication of the special brand merchants or buyer, so as to ensure that the 100% authentic, 100% discount merchandise. with the future of the user scale increases and the increase of transaction data, sea honey will be through large data technology according to the user’s personal information and the usual consumption behavior will be some and user preference matching degree high commodity information directly pushed to the mobile phone APP, allows the user the first time to buy low price, good quality, service guarantee goods, this is also the sea honey the next step in the development of strategic planning. public data shows: relieving network was established in 2009 October, currently owns a total of four core business, one is the CN 4.cn; the two is multiplying CPS alliance; three is the M loan network; four is the sea of honeynet. CN 4.cn is currently the largest trading platform for the domain name, the transaction volume of about 1000000000 in relieving; CPS alliance is electric effect marketing advertising platform, currently ranked second, in addition to Alibaba, basically have to cooperate with all business platform, 2014 will give partners bring about 5000000000 sales. M Loan Network aims to build a fast, convenient, safe, the integrity of the platform for the domain name investors and financial people, let the domain name investors rapid liquidation of their idle assets, to meet the demand for funds, also let idle money

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