lead: financing three squirrel $6000000

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lead: financing three squirrel $6000000, Zhang Liaoyuan told reporters, with three main aims: to further improve the backend system, further improve the user experience, improve the productivity and the category expansion. 7 month 4 days, online Internet nuts brand three squirrel completed $6000000 financing, fast carp first call the founder, he confirmed the news to reporters. as an electronic commerce observer, heard three squirrel of financing sources or very surprised. 1, because this year the business to obtain financing is not much, especially the verticals; 2, three squirrel is Amoy brand started the business, can be, IDG two VC fancy, let a person really shocked A wheel Jingdong is capital today. IDG, still use to say?. 3, because it is not independent of B2C, three squirrels can set up shop in Tmall, Jingdong such platform, no largescale to buy flow. And last year also has about 60000000 yuan revenue, earn some penny had no trouble. But also the founder of VCs, visible and not Xiaofu is installed namely type. for financing the three squirrels $6000000, Zhang Liaoyuan told reporters, the main purpose of three squirrels have three: further improve the backend system. We hope to benefit the internal organs do, improve the barrier, the future can go faster. Two ecommerce system mainly: front and rear. Front end refers to the page, activity promotion; the rear end of IT system, including storage, food R amp; D, production capacity. Electronic commerce, especially the three squirrels this small and beautiful electric, seemingly asset light, but still want to improve their own barriers, such as scale, storage etc Because the more things small and beautiful, more easy to copy the mode who can’t sell walnut on the Internet?, but the back end well, others to copy the difficulty will increase. If a few years later, three squirrels do the size of 10000000000, the national 10 points, has been able to complete the layout. Then even if someone wanted to get involved, but not going to build so many storage. Because these need time cost. to further enhance the user experience. In user experience, three squirrels do micro innovation a lot. Including: suitable for online shopping bag packaging, in the parcel attach eat walnuts tool small, convenient user operation But this is far from enough. At present, Beijing a consumer in three squirrel to place an order, 34 days to receive. A warehouse in Beijing we in the second half of the year is completed, will greatly shorten the time. to improve the capacity and the category expansion. This year’s sales target is 200000000, the first half of the year has been completed about 70000000 yuan. To improve sales, we must first improve product yield. Processing link upstream and middle three squirrels do not involve the industry chain, but with the yield increase, need to find more cooperation manufacturers, the cash flow pressure obviously account. In addition, category expansion costs money, not only need to input in research and development R amp; D, taste, quality

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