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lead: five months, interest stage completed three rounds of financing, a collection of hundreds of millions of RMB capital, resource acquisition ability is firstrate, but our trademark appear big question you know. as the service mechanism of entrepreneurs, especially involving others economic service fields, must be reliable, responsible for. is a trademark of the crystallization of his wisdom, but also an expression of his own enterprise intangible value, if even their own vital interests are not protected, and talk about how to help others financing, protection of the interests of others is not affected by the loss of text record: light to make the world brand, think about your problems, I know the fruit Liu Sisi. welcome to this issue of Si chat, we going to talk about today is the brand interesting stage. double eleven carnival, turnover of 57100000000, really makes people admire behind this group of women strong purchasing power. But think, the best money will come from the three groups: women, the elderly and students. Women’s World, has been full of Taobao, poly beauty giant. The old man’s money, just have a look the television police advised seems intact group, advance wave upon wave to a stranger remittance, I will not say more. The rest of the group, is the student. group has embarked on the community young people, if you buy things excite desire, afterwards should consciously row into the cut hand the team of the party, not to mention is the mind is not homogeneous, not fully enter the society of the students. Moreover, the digital consumer era, account removed a few zero, it is difficult to bring the money loss of pain to people. So, thirty million college students consumer market, the prospects of natural is the lever. will make the information audit, don’t let a few money radish chapter slip by, passerby second students; secondly do information collection of the students parents, this is the priority among priorities. Say more again good, around the students start business, actually shouted their students eye, finally draw the parents hardearned. For the children, heart and lung spleen and kidney and liver, parents can not sell what? Can pass the college students, put his hand into his parents’ pockets, this is the money! staging and interest, is the large number of touch, use one of the forerunner of installment payment leveraging the student market. five months, completed three rounds of financing, a collection of hundreds of millions of RMB capital, resource acquisition ability is firstrate, but our trademark big problems, you know. around the interesting name stage, a total of five enterprises registered in the trademark application. is a Shenzhen City stages Music Network Technology Co., Ltd., in May 29, 2014, in the 35 categories of advertising promotion, 36 types of financial management category, the application for registration of the trademark fun stage.

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