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lead: November 2014, cloud bird distribution was officially launched in December, that get Jingwei venture capital, Jinsha River venture capital and grand capital financing of 10000000 dollar. In the investor’s view, cloud bird business model skillfully, easy to expand, quickly copied to other city. Wang Lixin He Xiaodong used to be an entrepreneur, is now the cloud bird distribution partner, as chief operating officer COO. The two kind of identity represent two different pressure. 2008, He Xiaodong established a local lifestyle site in Jiangsu Changzhou, are doing well. With the words: in the local famous, at least the locals even insiders is legendary. Early 2013 and Ding Ding cooperation discount, oneself also formally joined the Ding Ding concessions, as large area always responsible. The second half of 2014, north of beijing. Up to now, while studying in Beijing only a few months time, while leading the team. He Xiaodong said: your own business when the pressure is more from a responsibility; a on the staff, the responsibility of the enterprise; present in the cloud bird to chief operating officer’s identity led the team is another kind of pressure, from business pressure, pressure, pressure on the team of investors, the market competition pressure However, these pressures are automatically converted into their power. it to their evaluation is: at present in Beijing a few months of growth, worth over the past year as himself in the Ding Ding region for the harvest. Management principles before is: just take the team to improve performance on the basic OK. Now, in addition to carry his own team, make achievements! Also in the face of investors, facing the cruel market competition, facing various problems raised by the media. now, basically every day after work until 10 p.m Although very tired, but for the current working state of their own, very satisfied. this kind of satisfaction to He Xiaodong, mainly from three aspects, one is to keep entrepreneurial mindset, accompanied by the growth of enterprises, their has been growing; two is on cloud bird distribution future expectation of in Beijing, a city of city distribution, the annual market size in 25000000000 to 30000000000 yuan between. If you look at the national, this volume is an invaluable, huge market space; the three is the city distribution market too far behind, the real demand cannot docking services , intermediate link layer upon layer not only reduces the efficiency but also greatly increased the cost of transactions, done it beautifully significance! during the interview, the reporter observed in some other features on the body of He Xiaodong: dare to think, dare to do, learning ability. This may be every entrepreneur who possess the basic entrepreneurial characteristics. But for He Xiaodong, in Beijing only a few months time, the Venture Company fastpaced

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