leading the Argentina reached the final. Neymar although with Barcelona won the honor of the five time champion

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who can break the Messi football on the pinnacle of honor monopoly? Phoenix sports news Messi won the fifth Golden Globe, continue to create a record with no predecessors. Messi 28 years of age, the Golden Globe Award for his career
Nike Free TR Fit Women Shoes Online Sale may not only have 5, as long as Messi to ensure that the current competitive force, it is possible to create a long period of time after the God of the record. In fact from the beginning of 2008, C Luo and Messi began to form a monopoly on
Nike Free Powerlines II Women Shoes Online Sale the Golden Globe Awards, I love Nike air foamposite pro who is the next successor? Messi won fifth gold ball, where? team honor after blasting C Luo, personal prestige KO Neymar. By 2015, Messi I buy Nike air foamposite one has helped Barcelona won La Liga and the Champions League, the king’s cup, European Super Cup, the World Club Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men Cup five time champion, so the team honor after blasting c Luo. In the Copa America, Messi surrendered 1 goals 3 assists, leading the Argentina reached the final. Neymar although with Barcelona won the honor of the five time champion, but personal prestige is far better than Messi, in the eyes of many people, Neymar is Macy’s little brother. data is still the top of Europe, e
Womens Nike Free Powerlines II WFP204ven over 4 bonus points. 2015, C Luo in the event of the stage 57 games, scoring
Nike Free TR Twist Women Shoes Online Sale 57 goals, Messi is 52 games 60. Although the number of goals is Nike Air Max Sale For kids not as good as C, but Messi is also poor, the number of assists is 2617. In the score distribution, Messi became the seven front scored the first person, and in the Athletic Bilbao on the king’s Cup final even scored four wonderful
http://www.yaxiuyp.com/news/html/?3399.html goal, against Bayern Munich in the face of Boateng crime extraordinary such moments, no I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women doubt for his points. In contrast, C Luo, the top ten teams in the face of the season only scored 2 goals, buckle on the case of strong not strong hat. C Ronaldo fans to give up. This may be one of the external causes of Messi won the Golden Globe awards. In fact, c Luo in 2013 and 2014 won the Golden Globe awards are not one hundred percent convincing, especially in 2013, c Luo’s backing group will continue its momentum, let C of the year honor trophyless ROM finally at the Golden Globes delay vote counter attack to win the prize. This year due to and Messi honor a larger gap, c Luo and Real Madrid mouthpiece media group, are not too much I like Nike foamposite one as c Luo canvassing and cheering, in fact has conceded defeat. 28 year old Messi can take a few golden balls? Messi won fifth Golden Globe Awards, age 28 years old. For a lot of players, the 28 year old is just entering the peak of the age, so it can be concluded that Messi’s Golden Globe awards more than stay in the 5, then, Messi really can win a few Golden Globe Award? From the point of view of the opponent, Macy’s arch rival c Luo older 2 years old, in accordance with the laws of nature should be C Robbie Messi premature aging, and other top players currently in prestige and fame and Lionel Messi compared obvious gap in the national team coach and captain took part in today’s vote, Macy’s fame to the winning will be of great help.

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