Life the first pot of gold in the late 80’s of the last century

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Life the first pot of gold in the late 80’s of the last century, the early 90’s, marketing concepts and methods are not so developed today, dissemination, promotion expenses budget is still relatively new vocabulary. Even if is the pure advertising in local emerging enterprises, especially technology enterprises is still rare. And from there history bold, said Shi Yuzhu, then buy on credit, with the computer software copyright mortgage payment after the first advertising, only 10 pieces of card can be free to participate in the purchase order will be reflects the first step of marketing talent. 1989 in July, Shi Yuzhu has independently developed the M6 card software and desktop publishing system Shi Yuzhu 401 floppy disk, south of Shenzhen. Due attention at the time of the Shenzhen University in a trade company parttime teacher, Shi Yuzhu was able to contract a computer department. At that time, in addition to a business license and 4000 yuan of money, Shi Yuzhu nothing at all. In order to buy the cheapest computer at the time of the Shenzhen 8500 yuan, he is to increase 1000 yuan for the conditions, obtain the delay in payment of half month to the computer, credit has been the first computer. In order to promote their products, he used the same approach to advertising: credit to computer as collateral, in the computer world to the first advertising terms, for 3 14 version of the ad. Computer world to Shi Yuzhu the payment period of only 15 days, until twelfth days after the advertising editions, Shi Yuzhu nothing to. In the critical moment, thirteenth days is a turning point: he suddenly received three postal orders, the total amount of 15820 yuan! One step ahead of the mode of thinking, let Shi Yuzhu ushered in the first successful: after two months, his account of the amount has reached 100000 yuan of the giant. He put the money into advertising, and expand the influence of side selling group, after 4 months, relying on the sale of M6401 products on the back of 1000000 yuan, after half a year to 4000000 yuan. 1991 in April, Shi Yuzhu took the card software and employs more than 100 people came to Zhuhai, incorporated in Zhuhai giant New Technologies Inc giant group’s predecessor. But just to enterprise and Shi Yuzhu felt the pressure of the market, the M6402 series of products by the strong impact of computer from Hongkong. In order to quickly open the market, set up a huge marketing network, Shi Yuzhu made a bold gamble computer dealers across the country invited, as long as the order of 10 pieces of giant group, Shi Yuzhu for their reimbursement of travel expenses, so that they came to Zhuhai to participate in the national order of Han card giant will. Shi Yuzhu to hundreds of thousands of yuan price, attracted more than 200 large and small software distributors, these distributors are not only of the goods, but also the composition of the giant group marketing network. With such a huge sales network, the cause of Shi Yuzhu be a tiger with wings added. 1991, the giant Chinese card sales became the country’s first among similar products, the company net profit of about 10000000 yuan. 1992, the giant group.

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