March 27th

March 27th, adhering to the built a better life concept, in recent years to maintain a steady growth of Real Estate Holdings Co., Ltd. referred to as long light properties, 3380.HK, was named the Mechanical Mod and RDA top thirtyeighth real estate hundred list, compared with 2014 ranking again, brand influence continued to grow, but also won the 2015 China real estate hundred enterprises TOP10 business. It is a long light real estate 20112015 5 consecutive years listed Chinese real estate hundred list. Listed on ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the first anniversary of the real estate, in the standardization of corporate governance, product and service E-CIG CHINA standards, business areas, such as diversification, has made a breakthrough, and through the competitive land costs, integrated building Hot E Cig kits development model and the cost of a lower cost of multi financing channels, the success of the high margin, highlighting its low cost, high profit margin. This is the top 100 list conference site research structure to be a real estate evaluation. In Guangdong Province, the real estate industry association secretary general Wang Shao seems that in recent 10 years, Disposable e cigarette the dragon has completed two times of transformation. Five years ago,
the dragon only finished the first transformation, from the Shantou hometown faltering start, dormant for several times, successfully by a pony mule metamorphosis into a horse to forge ahead on the horse. In recent 5 years, successfully listed, advance the 40 strong estate dragon light, and the strength of the brand cross on the new stage, ushered in the second transformation. 2014, affected by the policy and
market adjustment effect, development speed of the whole real estate industry decline, the market generally cold. Why dragon light estate can achieve steady growth and enhance the overall strength of the contrarian? a kinetic energy: a comprehensive upgrade products, roll with the punches at just need to in recent years, dragon optical properties to spare no effort to continue to build the product. Dragon light for more than ten years of market development and waterfront boutique residential expert experience accumulation comprehensively, developed a long light estate system of standardized products, and the formation of the solar system, water Yue Department, City Yue Department, Chun Yue Department, Long Guangcheng Department 5 residential products and light Dragon century, sun Qian Hui, yet Street 3 big commercial products system. The move to become the cornerstone of maintaining
product quality
and customer reputation long. On this E-CIGARETTE CHINA basis, the Dragon light constantly adjust product structure. With the country to encourage self occupied, improved demand, the demand for speculative investment, just need to become the market mainstream products. In order to conform to the development trend, the Dragon light continues to move to the multi level product system. It is not difficult to find, dragon light to sell houses 120 square meters below the just need to family occupy 80% above, more than 90% of the sold houses set price at 100 million yuan RMB the following. Firmly grasp the pulse of the market, product positioning in the on demand, as sales growth as
well as the key light, counter attack?

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