market today opened a rebound

market today opened a rebound, edged down 6.45 points, to close at 3160 points. At the bottom of the market five candle, although shortterm three root is false candle, but combination of Kline form has been formed of buying, this is poised to take off, riveting Jin fist play out is inversion attack. Why do you say that the area at 2850 and 3000 is the bottom? 1, security fallback policy. 2, technical support is the bottom area. Policy side, China is still policy, has not changed. The central bank has entered a period of interest rate cuts, easing monetary policy continues. Management face slump released a lot of good policy, these positive is unprecedented, the policy
of the dividend will be accumulated release. The slump of complex factors, five flavours miscellaneous Chen but the fact of the matter is that many factors in the formation of resonance ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA decline, short forces, management of savage reduced leverage, facts Mechanical Mod and RDA of the technical side of the overbought, is that these factors cause resonance decline, resulting in a disaster of unprecedented stock market. Technology, enlarge t
he Shanghai cycle to line, 20 month moving average is the key support, monthly Disposable e cigarette line MACD indicators quickly back to block but no Sicha. But maybe you think is Sicha point quickly pull up, forming the monthly level rose for the second time, the high will surpass 51.78 points. History has twice quickly stepped back and round down technology morphologically similar, respectively in November 1992 and January 2000, are stepped back 20
month moving average stabilized the formation of secondary rose, also on the MACD line back quickly block in the upcoming Sicha back from the dead, thus formed secondary rose trend. This is similar to the two technical form of the current round of decline in the technical form of the list, and the E-CIGARETTE CHINA technical effect will be of a certain role. And daily level has been formed deviate from the bottom, oversold oversold, the amount of energy into the geological interval, coupled with the side of good policy dividend policy release, gringo think 2850 region will form an important bottom, at least at the bottom of the form again spawned a wave of Dallas City, can also be said to be a continuation of the previous bull market. Suggest that the E-CIG CHINA Shanghai month line analysis, clearly put forward 20 month moving average support and on line MACD indicators back to block at the same time,
than to historical cycle is extremely technical form of technical analysis, for gringo for the first time in a shares in the blogosphere is proposed, the effect how time will answer! ; [1000000] 9.2 sun stock index futures firm ; Hot E Cig kits yesterday lost more than 5 today, earn 68000 capital to achieve a new high, comeback! Since
the gold has significantly improved the margin and trading procedures, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 stock index futures trading volume plunged, at present

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