outside the stock market Pudie

outside the stock market Pudie, today was out of the A shares V reversal of discount lebron james website the independent market. Early influenced by outside the stock market, the market opened lower after the 2820 points to attack failed, scheduled to appear a rapid decline, and on Tuesday, when again stepped back to 2872, rebound. Trading brokerage, Shanghai FTA force, the market once again pulled. Closing the Shanghai close to i love cheap jordans wholesale 2928 points. Rose 0.88%, Shenzhen close to 10, 307, rose 0.08%, gem late with the broader market rally, decline narrowed, closing to 2203 points, or 0.65%. Two, turnover of 580 billion 600 million. Yesterday is shrinking. p disk observation: from the plate, today, coal, iron and steel, nonferrous metal appeared different degrees of callback, gem is still leading decliners, trading brokerage, banking, insurance and other blue chip prop up the market, it will shake the crashed into the market pulled from 28.7 discount kids air jordan shoes points, really realize the regulus in the morning as pre stage of Vshaped reversal, gem and SME remained stagnant volume can also shrink. At the same time, further, will face an important 34 line 2936 point pressure. Because it is the first hit, man
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Jordan 13 Nubuck Men to fall. So, today too late for a key. p psychological perspective: after a rebound in the market, in the vicinity of 2920 points repeatedly blocked down, coupled with the external stock market Pudie. Today, the market appeared a technical correction is reasonable. At the same time, i love jordan nubuck men nonferrous metals, iron and steel, coal and other strong plate also need to withdraw Xipan, gem also discourages nursing disk task. When everyone is a slight profit, as long as the disk volatility, will promptly lock out, waiting for the arrival
Jordan 12 Nubuck Men of the opportunity to bargain hunting. However, the main is not in accordance with everyone’s expectations, directly retreated to 2850 points below the let you copy. So, before
Jordan 11 Nubuck Men a late contrarian pull brokerage. Banks and other weight plate, the index quickly pulled up, another new high rebound. This morning out of the investment will i like air jordan shoes men be difficult. Tomorrow, as long as the station on line 34, will again chase i like lebron james 2016 high admission. The next thing is to say without xuanyuan. p technology; line 60 minutes MACD Sicha, late pulled to the hook head, again MACD trend, but for pre departure from the top, which will be last to lure more, if in the vicinity of the 34 daily once again blocked, the amount can not effectively enlarged to about 700 billion, the prelude to a wave 60 grade callback will tomorrow will be officially opened. Only when the market once again stepped back to 21 line near 2821 points, this wave of adjustment is over. How will last for 2 days. So, in February, finally ending the war, will be to protect 2850 fight. Conclusion: market today is contrarian out of the wave of V line reversal, index also hit a record closing high rebound. But in the face of great pressure above 2936 points, tomorrow will again come down, and once again drop to around 2870, I am afraid not this two days so lucky to be pulled, so, tomorrow

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