p bat Chinese Internet giant Baidu

p bat Chinese Internet giant Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent referred to as the big three years to control the Internet information flow, commodity flow and the flow of people, each with a huge business empire was constructed in the search, business, social huge market share. In recent years, BAT has continued to merge its rivals through business acquisitions and strategic investments. So in China’s existing Internet circle and which companies have the opportunity to become the BAT’s fourth giant it? fifth: era celebrations p amp; nbsp amp; amp; founder: Li Xueling plasticity: 2012 has been in the success of NASDAQ listed gathered era, with YY voice, how to play the game network, YY gaming platform core business. Gathered era mainly from the games, valueadded services and advertising, which is similar to the first billion dollar company Tencent of. Play the game has a natural advantage, with YY voice gathered a large number of highquality game player. Today, YY voice has been developed as a set of games, online education, online entertainment multimedia platform. p shortcomin
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Lunar Yellow Black Bluegs: in the mobile Internet tidal front, YY’s lack of core mobile terminal products, will become more fatal weakness. p summary: game is more powerful suction Taurus, if you speed up the layout of the mobile Internet, YY have the opportunity to again pulled one back in the second half way. fourth: public comment ; founder: Zhang Tao plasticity: public
http://s011.dzzj123.com/news/html/?10679.html comment has a broad imagination, for many years to take root in the third party consumer reviews, the company’s development process and its founder is not anxious not impatient character is very similar, is a typical slow company. But as of now, the public comment has been used more than 3500000000 times the monthly amount, more than 90000000 of mobile users. Baidu to connect people and information, Ali connecting people and goods, Tencent connecting people and public comment connecting people and services, dormant for many years, finally ushered in the outbreak of the mobile Internet. After receiving the strategic investment in Tencent, open the micro channel entrance of public comment, in the future O2O market, with a great imagination space. p shortcomings: in the rapidly changing Internet, public comment has always been a lack of rapid response capability, is the socalled into also Xiao He, defeated also Xiao He, in speed change faster mobile Internet and missteps and all bets are off. Not to mention it in the market to buy and hold and rival of beautiful round net. summary: although has a nearly perfect business model, but the lack of rapid response to the enterprise culture, is to prevent the potential giant companies to continue to develop the development of resistance. third: 360 Qihoo p amp; nbsp amp; amp; founder Zhou Hongyi plasticity: mention quasi corporate giants, will have to advance Qihoo 360. If only on Chinese Internet companies,

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