p on September 28

p on September 28, Hebei warm springs town new town, launched the latest panoramic non Qijue performing the flower that hit a tree, peerless fort. Since then, has 300 years of history, traditional cultural heritage project flower that hit a tree will end only indoors and outdoors ornamental regret, to keep up with the rhythm of the times, open a new chapter in Hebei intangible cultural heritage Glow in the Dark Jordan Men tourism. to beat the tree to spend the Golden Dragon p it is reported that the flower that hit a tree is Blake Griffin Shoes the Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Yuxian warm springs town distinctive ancient festival of festivals, has been 300 years of history. 1600 degrees of hightemperature molten iron is heritage for centuries artists spilled onto the walls of the old city, iron cold splash in all directions, forming million single spark, like the leafy canopy and called the tree the spectacular rather than setting off fireworks, let the audience shouted shock. according to local people, the ancient town of Weixian County warm spring festival, Lantern Festival, playing tree flower custom has been extended so far. As an ancient art, it has become a Hebei province’s intangible cultural heritage. Ove
Mens Nike Air Max 90 VT Grey Blackr 300 years to play tree flower activity as a result has been can only be carried out in the outdoor, so the day is not to see the bright and gorgeous flowers, which makes a lot of visitors to the ancient town of warm
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Men Wholesale spring tourists often leave with regret. The person in charge of the project said. p the new theatre for Hebei currently only indoor real theatre, a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan,
http://borch-e.com/news/html/?304.html hold nearly 900 spectators. The script of dazzling light, gorgeous costumes, changes in the arena, a huge lineup, beautiful performers, characteristics, the theater is officially welcoming, every Kobe Bryant Shoes day will be the first fusion intangible cultural heritage project the flower that hit a tree show that presents to the visitors. Because of the indoor scene, so as the flower that hit a tree over 300 years of
Cheap Nike Max 90 Current Moire Wholesale history can only watch in outdoor and during the day can not, let visitors are no longer with regret and return. Gorgeous flowers and trees like dream theater Yuzhou not returning, tree flower fireworks Nuanquan fly. Nuanquan town old door p at the same time, warm springs town five space through theme courtyard also simultaneously welcoming, Liao dynasty war culture museum, ancient Yuzhou wedding hall, bright sword shooting, magical child Nike Air Max Womens stubborn Museum, blurred castle. Through the ages of each exhibition hall, the history of the millennium will allow visitors to see, feel and experience, so that tourism is full of fun in history. In addition, Nuanquan town new town in China the first glass tower, tower eaves and platform were glass building, in the refraction of sunlight glass in different directions presented in different colors. Standing at nearly 50 metres Air Jordan Shoes Womens high glass viewing tower: looking down upon the earth, to want to embrace the blue sky, overlooking things Shuang Bao nation panoramic views of, panoramic view of whole town; wait till
Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT Women Wholesale nightfall, glass tower is Ambilight, a hightech Jordan Nubuck Men light show the clear glass tower dress dreamy. When the town and the glass tower meet, is the collision of historical heritage and modern civilization, is the integration of culture and tourism.

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