resulting in the domestic sewage and production wastewater through the rain water pipe network into the pit

UAV photos show that the huge sewage pit adjacent to the arable land. Dazhong Jinan, April 1 hearing (reporter Jiang) reporter today learned from the Shandong Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, according to the media about the "Shandong: 20 acres of i love cheap jordans wholesale arable land is dug 30 meters deep pit irrigation with industrial wastewater" report, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau on March 31 sent investigation team found, wastewater in North pit accumulated hundreds of square. At present, has been carried out temporary wastewater, and a ban on 1 small electroplating enterprises. Recently, the media published a paper entitled "Shandong land" "Tiankeng, report a lot of internal industrial wastewater. Report said: "Shandong Province Boxing Xian Dian Zi Zhen Zhang Hou Cun, near the i love jordan nubuck men northeast side of the land, in the operation of the kiln brick and clay in successive years is artificial dig hole because sales and formed a" doline "more than 20 acres more than 30 meters deep, the threat of farmland in the vicinity of conventional tillage. In recent years, there has been a vehicle will industrial wastewater discharge to the pit, the pungent smell of the field, the villagers worry about contamination of soil and drinking water, two years ago have been the villagers began to report t
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Fusion Jordan Skyblue Yellowo the relevant departments, but acts of sewage has not been banned. Reporters learned that the Shandong provincial Environmental Protection Bureau has sent an investigation group on March 31st, the day arrived at the scene to start work. It is understood, reports reflect pit is located in Binzhou City Boxing Xian Dian Zi Zhen Zhang Hou Cun, forming in the 80s of the last century, was originally a Hou Cun Yao soil, kiln has become people around the earth. After investigation, the pit pit pit kiln north and south, South pit no waste water accumulation, but the North pit found hundreds of water accumulation, and has a pungent smell. The sewage pit effluent sampling monitoring survey group, currently in the analytical laboratory. i like air jordan shoes men Investigation discount kids air jordan shoes team to investigate the pit surrounding environment preliminary determination of mine wastewater from three aspects: one is
Blake Griffin Shoes Fusion Jordan Men close to i like lebron james 2016 the pit west 2 soil mixing tank, which is still in the tank of the wastewater is strong, a waste water tank has been damaged, exhausted; the second is located about 200 meters on the west side of the excavation construction of rock wool, electroplating, color steel tile surface glue eight companies, resulting in the domestic sewage and production wastewater through the rain water pipe network into the pit; third, according to the local people, people use the tanker to steal back the industrial wastewater.
Carmelo Anthony 9 Shoes Men In view of the above problems, the investigation group urged the local government to take corrective measures: tanker will send waste water to the accident emergency pool zacun, testing and evaluation, scientific disposal. The second is hazardous waste and other waste rock wool doping, contact a qualified processing unit. 8 is the 1 companies in the three small electroplating enterprises banned, is discount lebron james website currently being demolished; the other 7 companies have discontinued rectification. Public security, environmental protection departments are investigating suspected sewage treatment enterprises. Four is the pit surrounding groundwater monitoring. It is understood that the local government will release the follow-up work of information disclosure, the provincial environmental
Carmelo Anthony Shoes protection department will promptly notify the. Keywords: Editor: Zheng Hanxing the Mudhole

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