taxi software fire

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taxi software fire! The common function of trends and take a taxi in the rapid development of mobile Internet in the difficult market situation, taxi software shows its great energy to the market. But it fire up not only is it changed the way people travel by taxi, not just because it is convenient and the dispute itself, and be an emergency stop of the government, coupled with the Internet giant support or injection of taxi software, let the situation becomes more and more complex. taxi software also lets a lot of people more and more cannot read, whether it is the real culprit convenience services, or disrupt the taxi market order; after all it is a substantial step really hit, change people life forward, or the devil and angel’s aggregate Maybe no one can answer these questions, after all, the interests of all parties of different starting point of view, so naturally different. The advantages and disadvantages of the taxi software where, whether it can represent the mobile Internet further influence people in real life examples? It will adversely affect the market order? taxi software development is swift and violent, competition into the white hot software is called a taxi users through intelligent mobile phone brought a taxi, which is convenient for many go out to take a taxi, to a certain extent solved the difficult problem of a taxi, it can be said that it is in line with the development direction of social intelligence, provides great convenience for people’s travel. Early 2012 shake shake action car officially online, and good at COPY success model of various domestic Venture Company nature have a followup, ready to divide up the big cake. Until now, the market of the same type of software have up to dozens of kinds of taxi. Didi taxi, shake shake action car, taxi, taxi place are easy. Because of their money king are very good, natural favored by venture capital. Therefore, sustained and pursued in venture capital under the taxi software competition has intensified, in all want to alone big situation, the competition between almost fanatical taxi software. but in order to survive, in order to occupy the market, pushing the team Dundian brother gathered and sent the beauty to send oil to send rice to send traffic to a driver, sending virtual order, subsidies for passengers calls red, send a referral fee, even conflict to fisticuffs These are fully show the taxi software competition. the controversial model software is a taxi attracted many Venture Company and venture capital, all that is mode. If it is in the idle time, the user with the taxi software taxi, natural not to increase price. But if at the peak, not to increase price, almost no taxi driver came to. In order to travel, the user naturally increase price, 5 yuan, 10 yuan and 50 yuan, completed 100 yuan increase to the taxi driver profitable. This not only let the taxi driver got real profits, also let software developers make full bowl full basin

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