The emergence of Internet and popular is the dilution of China accumulated for thousands of years of culture and tradition

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The emergence of Internet and popular is the dilution of China accumulated for thousands of years of culture and tradition, a good habit of the fast pace of the Internet era had maintained is abandoned by us, the right things are being trampled on and ignore. recently met two is not trivial things let me for a few days to heart, awake! The first is to go to Beijing to visit Yandaixiejie in June 7th, the Qing postal letter cabinet shop to see a map to Lishi written from the high; second June 8th in taobao home see Jeep clothing advertisement never wear never through written. The two thing I respectively and parties, and suggested the other correction, but are indifferent to me to respond to, and ultimately did not modify the ! in the eyes of many people I Big deal, is not a typo, need to get excited over a little thing? A wrong character will affect the Beijing tourism income? A spelling makes taobao fail? through the two things we may find the culture from the side China why more and more no answer, because there are part of this group of people ignore the cultural foundation in the key places and platform text, wrong character may be caused by carelessness or ignorance, but wrong and does not change is shameless performance. in fact, in Chinese Internet field, large website home page appear to meet the eye everywhere typos case, in addition to taobao, dangdang, and other wellknown Internet Homepage are often wrongly written characters, but these things are not how many waves, for today’s Internet, we only concerned about the Ali shares Hengda such a major event and Liu Qiangdongpao after 90 beauty that can not be called a big event. I to tell you a story: Ou Yangxiu is the famous Song Dynasty writer, many of his books, the rigorous creative attitude. Each finished article, he always batted, meticulous. Once again he wrote an article Zhoujintang Ji, gave was when Prime Minister Han Qi congratulated him on his old friends. Learned the junior middle school history and Chinese friends all know, Ou Yangxiu has a special habits, before going to sleep at night to take out the day to write articles to savor, found that there is a bad place timely modify. That night, Ou Yangxiu was accustomed to yourself today write Zhoujintang Ji out reading. When I read the official to the Yi Jin Gui hometown. These two, think this word meaning is too direct, but on the next sentence cohesion is not too good. Ou Yangxiu batted, think again in two each plus a and word more wonderful. Think of this, Ou Yangxiu immediately called Butler led a horse, to the direction of Han Qizou chase. The evening of the second day, finally caught up with Han Qi’s carriage, put the and word fill up. Han Qi saw the dusty Ou Yangxiu, exclaimed: like you so rigorous, want to have no achievement is in too hard. A great writer Ou Yangxiu as the long established, treat

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