the oil production impact on the local economy caused incalculable. &quot

Japanese media said,
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men oil and other Chinese state-owned oil companies growth step on the brakes, in order to deal with the constant expansion of energy demand, China’s large oil companies had been actively
Blake Griffin Shoes Men promoting the domestic oil field development mutation. According to the "Japanese economic news" website reported in
Blake Griffin Shoes Women April 1st, the representative oil field is located in the northeast of Daqing, Daqing, Heilongjiang oilfield". Mid March, "the Japanese economic news" reporter visited Daqing found that the production of oil as a "tombstone" stands, the oil market downturn so that the relevant people are very worried. On the opposite side of the awn grass stands quietly in a petroleum extraction machine, a year ago the oil mining machine accompanied by thunder roaring from the underground mining of oil, the oil industry is pillar of the economy of Daqing. Local residents Zhang reluctantly said, these mining machines will soon be removed". Tens of thousands of oil mining machines spread in Daqing city. At present, nearly half of the mining machine has been discontinued. Reported that China’s domestic oil field ushered inflection point. Chinese oil has been cut in Daqing, Heilongjiang oilfield, and the Sinopec will also be under the jurisdiction of the subsidiary of oil field production. In the future demand is difficult to look forward to a substantial increase in the back
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Olive Greenground, the domestic oil field is becoming a heavy burden on enterprises. Sinopec will cut production in Shandong province Shengli oilfield. In addition, Shaanxi to extend the oil group will also be significantly reduced as the main force of Shaanxi province to extend the oil field development and production. According to the British Petroleum statistics show that China’s crude oil output in 2014 ranked fifth in the world after canada. Reported that China has been increasing imports of crude oil, but the domestic oil field is also to meet the growing demand for energy plays an important role. The biggest advantage is the low wage based on the human sea tactics. Daqing oilfield, which has been fully put into operation in the 1970’s, has been mined from a large amount of labor force in the whole country. However, in the context of continued low oil prices, it is difficult to give full play to the advantage. Last year, affected by the slowdown in the economy, the demand for crude oil fell, prices also fell sharply, even so, Daqing oil field is still continuing to exploit oil. Daqing city will encounter weather, oil drilling machine series of city emergency shutdown, shut down wells. 2015 Daqing oilfield production capacity of 3838 million tons, with a peak period compared to reduce 3%, oil operating company sales over the previous year cut in half, reduced to 964 billion yuan, which became to be the main cause of the deterioration of performance in oil. Reported that in Daqing area gross domestic product (GDP) of 6 rely on oil and 2.7 million population of 1 is oil field operations staff, if including the family and related industries, detached and oil will reach half of the population. So, the oil production impact on the local economy caused incalculable. "This time last year, the monthly sales of 80~90 vehicles. Now down to half, "sales of Nissan Nissan Daqing Yi Jia shop" business person in charge with a smile. Oil field stakeholders in the form of a full cash payment to buy a new car is not uncommon, but after last summer, customers significantly reduced. In Daqing city the largest commercial facilities in the "Starbucks", in recent days also complained that the sound can be heard without end. 1 cups of coffee "22 is too expensive. At this time, it should be cheap field

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