the players have been greatly improved

p the first China ASEAN Chinese Dress Culture Ambassador selection match, the most beautiful cheongsam part of the game, the pageant performance very professional. song Fu cheongsam, part of Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men the game Zen of life, the talent show China ASEAN China Association of Chinese President Lv Shuiqing right two to get the Champion Award held in Nanning China cheongsam show, magnificent Spring scenery provokes people’s interest. photo: Liu Guoxiong music tonight cheongsam Plaza, garden exhibition huafang. On the night of January 23, Chinese cheongsam Spring Festival and the first China ASEAN cheongsam Cultural Ambassadors trials Zhu Jin hall in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center held Nike Air Max Sale For kids a grand, magnificent cheongsam show for the green city Nanning add a beautiful scenery line. This is for the first time in the history of Guangxi Culture to dress for the theme of Spring Festival evening party, it is an event in the history of the development of Guangxi cheongsam is splendid. And the night won the nine championship won the Chinese dress will be the highest honor, Chinese Dress Culture Ambassador title, will
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II White Yellow Redrepresent the Chinese dress and corporate sponsors to visit the ASEAN countries to carry out cultural exchanges. br the day of the Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhu Jin hall beaming, full of Chinese New Year atmosphere, from the region around the beautiful cheongsam people, cheongsam lovers, guests more than 1000 people happily gather in one place, a common concern of the Guangxi cheongsam event. The Chinese cheongsam executive chairman Sui soldiers cheongsam in his speech said cheongsam is I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women Chinese clothing culture in the brightest business card, wearing a qipao can not only bring feminine grace and beauty, is a kind of the most lowkey patriotism. p the first China ASEAN cheongsam Cultural Ambassadors trials by the China ASEAN cheongsam will host, China ASEAN cheongsam will on July 19, 2015 in the Chinese cheongsam will be authorized under the guidance of formally, is a in order to promote the development and
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Online Sale prosperity of Chinese cheongsam cultural undertakings and I like Nike foamposite one industry, and voluntary groups into the social organization. Adhering to the to dress as the matchmaker, polymerization exclusive resources, to build the East beauties, woman of achievement, promote traditional Chinese culture purpose. host China ASEAN Chinese Culture Ambassador selection contest, is to enhance the Chinese women’s culture, to show the Chinese women’s style, to promote the inheritance and development I love Nike air foamposite pro of traditional Chinese culture. Competition proposed nine elegant culture concept as well as the competition project is refreshing, completely different from the general beauty contest. Nine Ya is piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry,
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Online Sale wine, flowers, tea, jade, we hope to dress as a carrier, let more Chinese women study nine Chinese elegant culture, said President Lv Shuiqing China ASEAN cheongsam p the contest from last September to start up to now, China ASEAN cheongsam will for Guangxi
Blake Griffin Shoes Online Sale division player provides dozens of I buy Nike air foamposite one public nine theme training salon. Through the system of learning, the players have been greatly improved, they have become the most powerful players in this competition. Enter the finals

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