The present situation and the breakthrough of 09:54 20140418 Yao medicine on the road to the rise of Yao nationality two the river becomes warm in spring ducks

The present situation and the breakthrough of 09:54 20140418 Yao medicine on the road to the rise of Yao nationality two the river becomes warm in spring ducks. br. amp; I was born in Guangxi Guilin Gongcheng Yao Yao Autonomous County Jiajia will Xiang Gao Che yaozhai, is typical of the Yao people. For Yao medicine, I have the most say. we are treating with Yao for generations of flowers and trees, small parents please Yao medicine, illness. When I was young, I was sick, are the mother of herbs for my treatment. I have a fight, not eat, can not go to school. Mother went to the mountains to pick some plant leaves, smashed deposited on my wrist, soon. I have a fever cold, to push the egg, scraping scraping is good. When I grow up, but also have the disease oneself, from primary school to university graduate, I did not have on the medicine to take medicine. After work, the public health, I rarely to medicine. After cancer, except in no operation , to me to drugs, medical treatment card balance is the largest unit. There are still 14000 yuan balance. The bank’s comrades joked that each one is like you, is going bankrupt. I grew up with Yao
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Nubuck AAA Grey White Blacktsaio and general medicine. In 1957, I to the mountain elementary school, father to earn money to send my reading, uphill bombs hit the beast, was unfortunately slipped, hand carrying the bomb exploded, was wounded in the left hand and the bones were shattered. When you lift the county’s medical treatment, the doctor will cut the arm. Father strongly disagreed, he said, the father of the mother can not abandon the mother’s blood! Please go home for treatment of yao. Go home after the family will go to the treatment of the pain of wearing a grandfather to treat. Grandpa is wearing a rock farming, there are more than ten kilometers away from my home mountain. He ran back and forth to do farm work. He took the prescription told me, taught me to recognize the mountain medicine herbs to heal, father. After half a year of treatment, the father of the broken bones of the left hand. Wound healing. Finally saved his left hand. Although the left palm without, he put the cow rope tied to the left arm, right hand plow, can still plowing harrow, burden can use the left arm indicated, with arm end of the bowl to eat. Bring convenience to the father’s work life. 50 years, Yao still respected. Yao fancy can be received as a disciple or honor. I want a yao. But for second years I was admitted to the county middle school, lost the opportunity to continue learning with yao. Ten years, after I graduated from University, became a journalist. In the middle period of the eighties of the last century, when I to the reporter’s identity to the mountains, see Yao’s life has gone from bad to worse, their children and grandchildren are not willing to Yao. In the Yao medicine self despair. br couples amp; according to customs in Yaogu, Yao to help people to see a doctor, is did not how much feed money, entirely by the patients randomly given, Yao family is so poor, give money rarely

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