the soil environmental protection and pollution prevention action plan

Pollution satellite map of Changzhou city. The toxicity of the original title: Changzhou poison: to maintain the fire buried mine financial reporter Sun Aimin / Changzhou foreign languages school environmental events "soil remediation projects mapping performs an illegal operation, maintenance project is unreasonable; at the same time, also has caused the attention of the public and contaminated sites" very intense, many similar "poison" lurking? Changzhou Jiangsu chemical enterprise maintenance station, a "Changzhou foreign language school environmental events", is still in the fermentation. Ministry of environmental protection, the State Planning Commission, the Jiangsu provincial government set up a joint investigation team. April 2016, open
Nike Air Max 90 BR Womens investigation group: Changzhou Foreign Language School (external) regional atmospheric environment, Changzhou other area without significant difference, soil and groundwater monitoring, school health, drinking water conforms i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes to the national standards, food hygiene and to meet the requirements, and no other infectious diseases. Parents do not agree with this statement. Many experts in
Nike Air Max 90 AIR YEEZY 2 SP Women the field of environmental protection, including the participation of experts to participate in the project acceptance, the implementation of the project and the scientific and rational implementation of rehabilitation projects, projects and land remediation projects. Public opinion expressed concern about the existence of similar land. The industry estimates that the number of contaminated sites in China in more than 500 thousand, 5 / 1 of the company’s relocation sites
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Black have varying degrees of pollution, a number of different industries, the depth of ten meters of pollution. These land will be or have become housing, commercial area, urban green space, etc.. According to reports, the soil i like air max shoes environmental protection and pollution prevention action plan (soil ten), has been submitted to the State Council buy air max shoes online approved the Ministry of environmental protection, soil pollution prevention laws and regulations will be gradually clear. Hugh and more than 60 year old Xu Jian near the school, almost Changzhou environmental events in the most busy people, every day to answer dozens of phone calls, respond to tens of thousands of people, and received dozens of media interviews. Contrary to the Kentucky fried chicken house, he became a regular meeting. After graduating from high school, Xu City, Wanda Chemical Company, more than 30 years of pesticide plant in 2013 retired. "I’m in charge of the production plan, but it is often sent to the factory to steal the sewage." Xu Jian told reporters buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online that the pipeline is blocked, long pesticide factory waste water up to tens of thousands of tons of sewage each year. Still in the process of work, Xu Jianwei and real name to the relevant departments of pesticide wastewater Research Report, while the latter requires its provide detailed information of the relevant reports, he failed to provide the report often
Nike Air Max 95 Prem Tape Womens end up with nothing definite. Later, he published a report on micro-blog. To 2015,, April 17, CCTV exposure Changzhou foreign languages school site pollution incidents, said 493 students in school to test the skin inflammation, abnormal blood indices. It was found that the individual was found to have lymph cancer, leukemia, campus groundwater and air pollutants. Xu Jianwei worked buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online in a factory, is located in Changzhou New District, adjacent to the Hua Yuan chemical plant, Changyu Chemical Co. ltd.. In i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes June 2011, three plants completed the relocation of 26.2 hectares to leave, become the object of investigation, and approved, planning and development of local pollution restoration projects. Decades of high pollution, coupled with the perennial "leak" of the enterprise, the land has become a "country""

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