timely response to social concerns.&quot

Video loading. Please wait… Play automatically play Li Keqiang inspected the State Administration of Taxation backward and forward original title: Li for the Ministry of finance "camp to increase micro channel working group" praise Premier Li Keqiang in front of the big screen, showing a SMS: finance minister Lou Jiwei put a on the business change increase policy have misread the network screenshot sent to tax the Secretary wangjianfan, required to respond as quickly as possible. And the sending time of this text message is 30 minutes at midnight. "Second days early in the morning I get up to see the message, immediately organized tracking information, to carry out a response interpretation." Wang Jianfan said to the prime minister. "You work in a good state
Blake Griffin Shoes Women of the minister," Li Keqiang said with a smile, "camp changed to increase the whole interview point has reached a critical moment, to have such a spirit, timely response to social concerns." This is
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Li Keqiang in the Ministry of finance tax administration tax, to staff a detailed understanding of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) advance. Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Tao perturbation in the afternoon of April 1st, Premier Li Keqiang in the Ministry of finance to investigate the camp changed to increase the work, especially concerned about the public policy of this reform is a timely answer questions. Wang Jianfan told the prime minister, in order to respond to the public in a timely manner to increase the possibility of misunderstanding of the camp, they put the local finance office, the Commissioner of tax affairs office staff together, according to the region to establish 4 WeChat group. Each group of more than 100 members at any time to follow up the local, the resp
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Blue Redonse to the reform of the industry, the Ministry of finance staff also through these work groups to provide answers to the first time, to respond to concerns. "Prime minister you see, this is a few days ago, a local staff
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Blake Griffin Shoes Men the problem, but also to the masses of individual cases in a timely manner to respond to the concerns of." Li Keqiang said, in a timely manner to resolve the misunderstanding of the public misunderstanding of reform policies to ensure the smooth progress of the reform." Wangjianfan further introduction, in addition to the "Tax Administration Commissioner to do the work of a group, Ministry of finance has also established a oriented news media" media communication micro channel group and the Department of "micro channel group, the former is used to respond to questions of policy, authoritative information release, the latter to at any time in the work of the deployment of the, and in a more efficient reform. "We can use this way to work is summarized as" Internet plus replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT). ". The use of Internet tools, multidimensional interconnection, innovation mechanism, promote reform." He said. "This is good!" Li praised, "government departments in the future introduction of the policy, especially involving a wide range of major policy, can take this approach and to respond to issues of public concern for the first time." This year, Premier Li Keqiang continuous voice, the State Council departments responsible person to actively respond to public concern". He stressed that the modern government should promptly respond to the people’s expectations of concern, the Department should take the initiative to release the public information, the firm confidence in the market, to the market a clear expectations. In the April 1st study, Li Keqiang once again made clear that all over the strong

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