to attract foreign investment policy and management department strong br the Malaysian government encourage foreign investment in exportoriented industry

, to attract foreign investment policy and management department strong br ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the Malaysian government encourage foreign investment in exportoriented industry, in order to promote the country’s economic development. Malaysia is currently no similar to China’s foreign investment industrial guidance directory, and
encourage foreign investment in the industry and the project also for domestic enterprises and individuals to implement, but in some areas due to the maintenance of Malay indigenous interests, the proportion of foreign investment in the equity ratio, the board
member. Malaysia Mechanical Mod and RDA strong E-CIGARETTE CHINA Second, to encourage foreign investment industrial policies strong br Malaysia encourage foreign and local investors to invest in the manufacturing industry in Malaysia, E-CIG CHINA agriculture, tourism hotel service industry, environmental protection, science and technology research and development, technical training and transfer, corresponding
to give re
levant preferential tax policies. 1, the Disposable e cigarette emerging industry. Malaysia will be the country’s urgent and priority development of the manufacturing industry as the new industry, and later, the industry will be the
priority development of agriculture and service industry also included in the scope of the new industry. For foreign investment projects in the scope of the emerging industries, Malaysia is to give tax, land and work permit incentives. 2, high tech industry. Malaysia will be used in the research and development of the annual cost of the annual cost of more than 1% of its sales, technology and staff accounted for more than 7% of the total number of employees, and technical staff have formal institutions diploma and degree, in the relevant industry for more than five years, engaged in hightech production and development of enterprises listed as hightech enterprises. 3, strategic project. Malaysia will invest a large amount of investment, long payback period, high technical level, the industry has a significant impact on the development of horse economy as a strategic project. 4, R amp; D projects. Malaysia encourages foreign investors to set up R amp; D Center including R amp; D Hot E Cig kits department within the company, which is related to the domestic enterprises.

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