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Original title: Chengdu launched the "home burial library design the fastest in May this year," the four tombs tomb, of which six tombs tomb ", March 17, the first session of the Chengdu green funeral public auditorium for the third time at the end of the, a Chengdu responsible person introduces to the reporter," home burial "of the design scheme is determined primarily. By the buy air max shoes online end of February, the Ministry of civil affairs, the national development and Reform Commission and other nine departments jointly issued the guidance on the implementation of the ecological burial section, made it clear that encourage family members to bury the way to improve the use of a single tomb. Reporters from the drawings, the 2 graves are less i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes than 1 square meters, an average of less than 0.2 square meters, was significantly lower than the province, the burial i like air max shoes area of the buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online tomb of the burial area shall not be more than 1 square meters". Cemetery, in the person in charge of the specific circumstances, "such as four tombs can and four young couple a tomb, the six graves can be buried together, grandfather, grandmother, grandfather, grandmother, father
Lebron James Shoes and mother", as a new form of grave, in addition to the consideration of saving land, beautiful and other factors, but also consider the structure of the cemetery safety and public acceptance. In addition to the 2 map shows the form of family burial. They also considered the design of 8 tombs and 12 people, and the underground and overhead extended
Penny Hardaway Shoes into a number of layers of the tomb of the "villa" tomb. 4
Merrell Shoes tombs, the 6 Tomb of the fastest launch, probably, the latest year. It will make the "model" in the cemetery cemetery, for the masses to choose. Now the per capita family cemetery price is certainly lower than the price of ordinary cemetery per person, "a cemetery located in Wenjiang is also active in the family tomb of the design." We mainly designed the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online 4 i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes graves, the fastest possible launch." The person in charge of the cemetery, the family tomb need cooperation in the whole chain, crematorium and casket manufacturing enterprises to join." Now the ashes quantity is relatively large, the corresponding coffin is relatively large, if not for personal family tombs buried cinerary casket, social recognition degree is not high. " The person in charge said, in Japan, to leave everyone, the ashes less, if we can do, the family burial to save land in the form of design." That part of the cemetery, to substantial local family burial tomb after the introduction of policies to promote the. Chengdu old cemetery person in charge of the public acceptance of the degree of concern: after the introduction of the policy, I carefully read the Internet comments, we feel that the degree of acceptance is not high. We are looking for the propaganda and mobilization work, I hope people can accept this funeral form as soon as possible." In this regard, social affairs office, the provincial Civil Affairs Department said: "green funeral is a new way for the funeral, more ecological, more environmentally friendly and more economical, we encourage cemetery foretaste of go ahead of the rest, increased promotional efforts." Editor: Zhao Jiaming sn146 article key words: Tomb

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