[top] the tide of the times under the China Railway in recent years

[top] the tide of the times under the China Railway in recent years, China Railway repeatedly speed, railway logistics development is slowing, the railway freight volume accounted for the proportion of total social freight volume continued to decline, the past to occupy half of the Disposable e cigarette national logistics freight volume glory has gone. In
the face of the rapid development of domestic logistics situation, the old iron boss sit still, and always seek to pursue the path. After the establishment of the railway company, the first reform is the reform of the freight. source: China Railway, as under the former planned E-CIG CHINA economy Pang although giant, in Hot E Cig kits now also started?. category: high iron for tourism injected new vitality for the high iron for the tourism industry to inject new vitality of: the safety awareness of safety awareness thorough marrow bone marrow? Reporter learned from the Chengdu Railway Bureau, sustained heavy rain caused Chengdu Chongqing Railway Chongqing, China Jiangjin station to Baisha station of water disasters, in order to ensure the safety, the railway sector has emergency blockade Mechanical Mod and RDA line, are doing their best to organize the rush to repair. Through the section of the passenger train path is adjusted.
In addition, a line of Suiyu were affected by the heavy rains, part
of the train is delayed. source: Sohu News category: EMU take us to the However, it is embarrassing that the current railway transport in China’s logistics
market accounted for less than 20%. Due to the cumbersome process of railway freight transportation, information access channel is not smooth, resulting in new customers to avoid the railway freight. China’s railway freight is facing competition from highway and waterway transportation, railway freight transportation is facing shrinking. from: Liuzhou, a small city in the west. Liuzhou only SAIC GM Wuling year sales of over 1 million cars, car sales in the country is come out in front. In a long period of time, Liuzhou Automobile external transportation are mostly rely on the original public. Categories: the railway sector for the convenience of customers change? Shuyun passenger flow peak this year has been to, return trips students who. And as the train station ticket service system extension, the train ticket daishoudian previous Shuyun peak and is always crowded, always see the front ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA of the queue. However, this year, this situation is difficult to reproduce. from: Netease News, the railway, as one of E-CIGARETTE CHINA the main ways of transportation, rail transport
is due to the influence of climate and natural conditions, as well as the advantages of safety and comfort, resulting in a lot of railway passenger’s favor. And the ticket is difficult, once the majority of passengers are very headache. To this end, the railway sector has opened the Chinese railway customer service center 12306, China Railway 95306 network, to facilitate the customer to carry out related services:

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