[top] urban development needs to create the now

[top] urban development needs to create the now, however, community commercial development is still in primary stage, problems such as lack of supply capacity still widespread. In Fantasia, for example, it has expanded the area of property E-CIG CHINA management with the acquisition of property companies, but the scale is still limited. Subject to this, the customer’s active degree is not high. To color space, color of the cloud, color pay to build the operational concept of community operators to bear the operational content and effectiveness is not enough. At the same time, by entering the high threshold, the degree of market opening is not enough and other factors, the future of the business of the community is full of Mechanical Mod and RDA uncertainty. Some operations of the Service Corporation in the integration of community operations and real estate development organization approach also needs to be changed, this form of organization is easy to lead to the decision of the chain length, efficiency, information communication is not E-CIGARETTE CHINA comprehensive, the impact of the interests of the standard and other issues, the future operators should make the two relatively independent. High turnover of the scale of real estate development is almost saturated, many of the far sighted developers to start far pro From the beginning of last year, Vanke’s five dishes and soup Fantasia, colorful
life community, Peking University resource of and so on a series of housing prices in the layout of the business community action, has played the era of great development to the big tube is coming?. category: [stickies] Logistics Park lack of cooperation mechanism of each logistics park lack of coordination mechanism is restricted to the logistics park in China to carry out one of the main reasons. From a single point of view, all over the introduction of the logistics park to build a program
to vigorously promote the development of the local logistics Hot E Cig kits industry. But because around the lack of harmonious and consistent with the construction program, resulting in the same area, the same regions of memory in a number of logistics park with the irrigation of situation, which greatly ruined construction costs, together with the Disposable e cigarette diversion of some logistics capital
appropriate, constitute a logistics capital gathered rich enough, the competition of logistics park is too intense dilemma. From the provincial level, as well as the national scope of the program and the whole plan, there are problems in ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA the logistics park node set unreasonable, logistics capital wasted seriously, and the flash out of the camp, the lack of contact, connection and other difficulties and difficulties. These are the lack of network of logistics park gathered in the construction and development process. Moreover, the various provinces and cities
themselves to develop the logistics park program there are many questions. First is the question of their own program, for example, bear solutions agency qualifications, plans, application program data, scheme, scheme of park form; followed by the coordination between the programme and programme and harmonious question, various provinces and cities exist Province, city, category: [top] community commercial concept continues to heat up although the concept of business community continues to heat up, once the chicken ribs, a counter attack, but fell on a practical level, many used to eat chicken developers still feel unable to export. According to the Beijing opened the first commercial real estate hereinafter referred to as the opened Deputy General Manager Wang Yinglin and opened the scoring from 10 years ago will focus on commercial real estate community,
just because of its small volume, low starting point, has failed to achieve the scale of development. But the community business is actually just the commercial real estate:

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