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Visit the blog: 8076 people blog integral: 112 points Bowen number: 16 opening time: 20130927 experts warm reminder, package Beijing operation patients must to pay attention to the daily care, so as to avoid the formation of infection: 1, ordinary wrapping Beijing surgical treatment after 3 day male name needs to stop a dressing, after three days of the time the normal activities for male surname is not what the. 2, after the best rest for 12 days, can also surf the Internet or read a book in bed, etc Try not to walk around, to
Nike Air Max 2013 Men Shoes prevent postoperative bleeding. 3, the diet to eat greasy food, eat i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes less spicy, stimulating strong food. 4, after as little as possible to contact or pornographic magazines, pictures and video network. Because of these things lead to Beijing Yin erection, easy to cause of postoperative bleeding. 5, wrapping
Nike Air Max 2012 Men Shoes Beijing after surgical treatment may appear to Beijing Yin head discomfort, this is a normal phenomenon. General a week this feeling can gradually disappear. 6, in addition to ordinary postoperative antibiotics, also should be taken to avoid the pain medication and erection. 7, after wrapping art simply does n
Mens Nike Air Max 2011 Leather M2011L015ot infect, ordinary in seven to ten days basically can heal, but the wound complete more buy air max shoes online mergers and accept external forces such as name need to live for about a month, but ordinary physical exercise does not enough buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online damage, 8, wrapping Beijing surgical treatment or to loose breathable family name underwear as well and also adhere to the Yin Jing head upward, reducing edema, when necessary to regularly visit. Do not need to use, please in under the guidance of scientific layout. Where Nanchang cuts a prepuce? The experts found that wrapping Beijing are a big threat to men’s health, in the science and i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes technology developed today, many people will choose to treat by
Nike Air Max 2011 Men Shoes surgery. But there are still some male worry about postoperative surname life and fertility will be affected. For this type of male friends worry, experts recommend that you choose a circumcision good effect, increase a security for their operation. The characteristics, professional, quality of wrapping Beijing treatment center to provide quality and thoughtful, convenient, safe and effective service for you! Where Nanchang cuts a prepuce? i like air max shoes Always adhere to standardize diagnosis and treatment, with sincere practice, through state health departments audit, the implementation of the international expert 15 minutes chat disease, first diagnosis responsible for system and other advanced medical treatment mode, promote the level of medical technology continues to improve; pay close attention to the medical staff’s professional morality education, improve the hospital management system, put an end to the drug rebate, received red envelopes and other. Adhering to the high quality, high standard, high demand development concept, with advanced technology, excellent efficacy, quality service, reasonable price features, to build the central region of wrapping operation Beijing first brand integrity. amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; the leading Korean jnt circumcision resection, a new technology, a number of special therapy: 1, cosmetic suture: wound healing of smooth and beautiful appearance, does not affect the postoperative buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online surname life. 2, no stitches: breaking the traditional treatment methods, pioneered the use of cosmetic surgery suture;

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