Who is the shot the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir behind

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Who is the shot the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir behind? Zhang Diancheng The night 2 month 27 days, in the vicinity of the Russian capital Moscow’s Moscow Kremlin, Russian opposition leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Ne M Geoff was shot dead in middot;. It is ten years since Russia’s murder, the most wellknown public figures. Russian police spokesman said, the Ne M Geoff together with the female companion is Ukraine people. At present, the woman is the Moscow police station under investigation. According to the police statement, shooter by car is white, away from the scene after the crime. At present, the police is unknown gunmen identity is determined that the incident is for one person or many. Moscow time on February 28th, the Russian Federal Commission in its official website announced several Ne M Geoff assassination reasons: 1, the perpetrators to use of the special identity of the deceased destruction of Russian social stability; 2, is investigating the case and Islamic extremists linked, because Ne M Geoff had for the French satirical comic magazine suffered a terrorist attack the statement threatened; 3, Ne M Geoff killed the possible relationship with Ukraine’s domestic conflicts; 4, may be a business or business reasons; 5, may be the cause of personal life. People can not help but want to ask is, who is behind the scenes to put Ne M Geoff to death? behind this shooting, as Putin has sparked concern. Putin in the first time to Ne M Geoff relatives expressed sympathy, and pointed out the existence of incitement to murder case has obvious characteristic and provocative. Putin immediately instructed the relevant departments to set up a special team to investigate the case, the requirements of any progress in the investigation and report to him. 28 days later, the official website of the Russian President and Putin Chinemtsov issued a condolence telegram of condolence mother, said, will make every effort to find out the main messenger and execution of Ne M Geoff’s assassination, to bring to justice perpetrators should be this bad and shameless murder charge, and subject to the punishment of. and the assassination of Ne M Geoff confirmed that President Obama immediately said, Ne M Geoff is a tireless national guard. I admired Ne M Geoff’s courage and his commitment to the fight against corruption in russia. I also appreciate him at our 2009 meeting in Moscow, is willing to sincerely share their views. We express our condolences to the Ne M Geoff family, but also to lose the most tenacious and convincing right guard one of the Russian people and condolences. western media invariably put Ne M Geoff was shot with the Russian domestic political topic hook, said Ne M Geoff is the Russian government opposition, said he opposed the Russian government position on the Ukraine issue, some media even directly pointed out that Ne M Geoff is Russian President Putin’s political opponents, and allusion to Ne M Geoff died of political murder. Perhaps the western political murder that is correct, but perhaps only half right, because this is more like the western countries for. as everyone knows, the cold war to the disintegration of the Soviet Union, America victory ended. But USA but from

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