Windows 10 will support the new biometric identification technology Microsoft announced recently

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Windows 10 will support the new biometric identification technology Microsoft announced recently, Windows 10 will support the next generation of FIDO fast online identity standard, which is compatible with a massive third square biometric devices, and provide a simple framework, convenient hardware vendor for any laptop or mobile phone integrated security function. FIDO is an open standard, and obtained some large banks and limited company of science and technology support, including Microsoft, Google, PayPal and America bank. This system is in order to pass the zero knowledge proof protect biometric information in the world, not to the network exposure localized iris scans or fingerprints scanned these data case. The 1 version of the standard has been launched in January this year, Windows 10 will support the 2 version of the standard. Xiaobian comments: password has been more and more insecure, therefore, more and more security solutions tend to avoid this weakness, biological recognition technology is one of them. China’s push new energy automobile special scheme: the 2020 goal of 5000000 2 month 16 days, the Ministry of science and technology R amp; D program issued a national key new energy automobile special focus on implementation plan Draft hereinafter referred to as the on the basis of existing technology plan, by 2020, establish and improve the electric vehicle power system technology system and industrial chain, for the 2020 implementation of the new energy a total of 5000000 cars to provide technical support. Affected by this news, 16, relates to the new energy automobile industry chain part of the stock rose significantly, BYD, Dongyuan electric, Baoan, etc. Chinese Cicai sea stocks are trading, Wanxiang Qianchao stock rose more than 7%. Xiaobian comments: the publication of the proposal, may mean that the new energy vehicle technology in our country has formed. Kabasiji: the hard disk is embedded in the American spy software 2 month 17 days of messages, according to Reuters, the U. S. National Security agency created can be hidden in a hard disk drive spyware, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and other top manufacturers hard spared. Kabasiji said Russia’s laboratory, it is found that the spyware infection of personal computers in 30 countries, the majority of infected computers in Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China etc Monitor targets include government and military institutions, telecommunications companies, banks, energy companies and nuclear research personnel, media and Islamic militants. A former national security agency staff told Reuters, Kabasiji’s analysis is correct. Another former intelligence officials confirmed that the National Security Agency developed hidden in the hard disk drive spy technology, but he said he did not know the United States security software based on what espionage. NSA

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