Yuan Xuehua’s little book with a record of caring people’s name

Yuan Xuehua’s little book with a record of caring people’s name, phone number and number. every child is a mother’s heart, for their health, the mother can use their own exchange. Yuan Xuehua 18 year old son Huang Yuan a sudden illness, coma nearly 50 days, has been in the Department of Neurology; the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University in ICU treatment, more than 20 million yuan of the cost of treatment is pressed Yuan Xuehua and sweetheart yellow Shuchang suffocative come, two people borrow all the relatives and friends of the money as soon as possible, does not give up to save the son of a glimmer of hope, grief over so that they touched, in Nanning accompanying my son, many enthusiastic people to let them feel the warmth in despair. tricks warm male sudden illness p in early July, in Hezhou working Yuan Xuehua, with a daughter from Hezhou back to yellow, qintang District, Guigang City, practicing Zhen Xin Tan Cun, to visit his son together. Along the way, I haven’t seen you for a long time the Huang source also has been with Yuan Xuehua maintain a text messages and phone calls. In
Mens Nike Air Max 90 Navy Gray Red Blackthe eyes of the Yuan Xuehua and many relatives, fellow together is always a sensible child, parents go out to work, he followed more than 80 year old grandmother in the home life, the daily also provoked the responsibility of taking care of my grandmother. Mom, did you get there? I’m hot water, so you and your sister can go home to take a shower. Along the way, yellow hair to send text messages, so
http://sy-jishi.cc/news/html/?304.html that Yuan Xuehua’s heart warm. But then they received a phone call from Huang Yuan. The phone said, Huang source mad, talk rubbish, his mouth kept shouting to jump off building to kill. Yuan Xuehua was still on the train, just as usual son how suddenly become so. since then, Huang Yuan has been sent to the Guigang People’s Hospital and the PLA 191st hospital for treatment, but the condition is not improved, but more and more serious. Originally is also a clear yellow, coma time and is long and, in the end, an emergency referral to treatment in the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University. son parents resign home guard p on July 16, Huang Yuan transferred to the Department of Neurology; the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, into the intensive care unit for treatment. The second day Yuan Xuehua received a notice. after diagnosis, Huang Yuanhuan’s anti NMDA encephalitis, but also led to pneumonia, epilepsy and other diseases. After the diagnosis, the hospital for his body to replace the plasma, and were treated by some drugs such as refreshing. After three replacement of the plasma, the Yellow source gradually became more conscious. p every day at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, when parents get permits to enter the intensive care unit to see him, talk to him, hear the call of the mother worried, yellow eyes flow a drop of tears. p in order to take better care of Huang Yuan, starting from the beginning of July, Yuan Xuehua and her husband quit the in Hezhou, home to take care of him. This disease is much more expensive,

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