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Original title: after a lapse of a copy of the tiger trace figure i like lebron james 2016 is in Harbin, snow – March 26 eat northeast tiger in Heilongjiang Province Linkou forestry bureau, through the tiger DNA footprinting to eat the sheep map detection, Linkou forestry bureau in Western blot confirmed the discovery of the footprints of wild tigers. " Following the September 2014 northeast tiger "patronize" twilight of Linkou i love jordan nubuck men forestry bureau, Forestry Bureau in Heilongjiang Province, 26, in a press conference said, after a lapse of more than a year later, in feeding the
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men tiger sightings. Through the Heilongjiang Forest Industry Bureau confirmed that the message, in the fourth month, wild animals and Plant Protection Bureau Director Liu Wenjun Linkou forestry bureau received a Ranger yellow Fugong County Linkou station call, forest industry facilities area and found that 11 cm long, doubt the Indian tiger footprints, discount kids air jordan shoes feces and peripheral. Nearby farmers were killed and missing. In the case of goats. Linkou forestry bureau immediately collected wild animal feces, Heilongjiang Forestry Research Institute, DNA. Heilongjiang Academy of Sciences, the sample was sent to the cat School of Northeast Forestry University, the final confirmation. After identification, this is a wild tiger. , the news of Liu Wenjun and his colleagues, "five". According to local farmer Du Jinkui told him, from January of 252016 sheep gradually disappeared, there are more than 20, there is no found in the mountains to kill 18 nearby were found." Du Jinkui’s wife said she was about 200 meters from the Northeast Tiger’s sight, its body than the sheep. When the reporter Fang Wenjun said, has been in the dawn of the commodity forest stone Lizi terrain
Lebron James Soldier 6 Men War Tiger trace found that customs and habits and northeast tiger is more suitable for mountain. Struggle is the national focus of forests, forests, plantations and natural forests. Wenjun said, under normal circumstances,
Blake Griffin Shoes most of the tigers live in the forest, traces of the tiger, biological diversity of local planting a good recovery, plantation will discount lebron james website be in the natural forest islands in the combined together, become northeast tiger migration corridor. In recent years, the phenomenon of tiger has been found, the peak of the local individual activities in Heilongjiang wild i love cheap jordans wholesale tigers continue to expand. Linkou forestry bureau, Zheng Ensheng breeding tigers tracking event excited, he said. This is decades of green, vigorously promote afforestation, the best validation and affirmation. Editor: Zhang Chun i like air jordan shoes men sn182 article key words: Northeast Tiger

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