Zhang Guotao is calculating

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Zhang Guotao is calculating, conniving, with Yang Shangkun’s words, no expression on her face, spoke very slowly, still hum ha ha, playing the idea in the stomach. he had in 1938 January decided to break away from the party organization, but did not reveal a little flaw and signs in the next 3 months. He behaved very leisurely, sometimes riding mountain or in rural areas even a stream, sometimes carrying son or with some young outing chat. He frequents the Beishan on home, thinking reverie. During that time, he also frequently attended the gala and watching the game, end with the lads played ball. Yang Zilie due to pregnancy vomiting unwell, Zhang Guotao often accompany her to walk together, take care of her, careful with her. Yanan some lesbian dubbed Zhang Guotao as a model husband. Zhang Guotao quietly looking for the opportunity to run away. Because he knows, want from Yanan defected preparedness close out is not an easy thing. Finally, he had to wait until the one most appropriate opportunity the Ching Ming Jisao Huangdi mausoleum. Ching Ming mausoleum is the worship of the Chinese nation’s traditional. The central part of Shaanxi county now the Huangling County there is a wellknown Huang Di Ling, is said to be the burial place of Huang Di. For thousands of years, each to the Qingming Festival, Chinese people at home and abroad to come here to hold a grand festival, the ancestor of all the children of the Yellow Emperor to commemorate. After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, the national mood, sacrificial offering activity adds a layer of political. The KMT agreed, the annual Ching Ming Festival together by the representatives of both parties to the mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, sweep the tombs, in order to show to the people the KMTCPC cooperation, solidarity Yuwu determination. 1937 years, the Communist Party of China sent representatives mausoleum is Zhou Enlai and Xie Jianying. April 4, 1938 is tomb sweeping day. The Kuomintang will send Xi’an pacification director Jiang Dingwen attended the meeting, in accordance with established practice, the Communist Party of China will send a corresponding level of officials to jointly presided over the ceremony. Zhang Guotao think this is a good opportunity to do a quick change of the vast. 4 month 1 days, Zhang Guotao the door for Mao Zedong, asked to sweep the tombs Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor, said this is conducive to the United Front work. what are you going to do? Mao Zedong shook his head and said, Xuanyuan Huang Di was not a communist, we don’t have too much to worship him. If in order to make the United Front work, the border region government sent a secretary on the line. Zhang Guotao insisted on going to list reasons, said: last year was En Lai, Jianying comrade to this level, not lower than last year, but also has the very high level representatives of the Kuomintang sent, we can’t send a secretary to handle, so as not to delegate objects. Mao Zedong pester however, let a step further: well! You come back soon to sweep the tomb. Zhang Guotao agreed: well, I’ll be back soon. based on intuition, Mao Zedong felt there might be a security guard Zhang Guotao, Zhang Hai specifically told Zhang Guotao: you accompany president Zhang to, one is to ensure the safety, the two is to sweep the tomb immediately back.

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