Zhou Yingyue was beaten to the skull fracture network screenshot four men paid out of the advertising campaign fight

Zhou Yingyue was beaten to the skull fracture network screenshot four men paid out of the advertising campaign fight, the Police Association Pan Gui mobile phone broken 2 at 2 pm, Longquan Road, road, the school gate, because it is the admission of new peak, the vehicle intensive and out of university. Six traffic police brigade two police Zhou Yingyue, pan GUI directing the traffic at the door, and four sporadic small advertising man disturb traffic order, two association stepped forward to stop, was the result of sporadic small advertising man beaten, causing Zhou Yingyue fell to the ground unconscious, pan GUI in the lower part of the body was kicked kick, mobile phone broke. At present, the group of suspects in the 3 people have been arrested, and will be severely criminal responsibility. caused a police beating fracture of skull is currently in a semi coma state 2, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics is the school registration time, Longquan road is very crowded. Six traffic police brigade at the Village Ma interchange to divert vehicles, two police Zhou Yingyue, Pan Guize sent to the door of the Longquan Road, University of Finance and economics, directing the
Womens Nike Air Max 90 Tape Navy Blue Skyblue traffic. Due to a large number of vehicles to turn right into the University, Zhou Yingyue stood in the machine, not the middle ground, directing the two kinds of cars to pass, to avoid cross traffic congestion. p at this time, four men are roadside sporadic small ads, they seize every opportunity in the small ads into the university entrance to a slow moving vehicle,
http://ilmsys.com/Blog/women-aspire-to-some-of-the-best-nike-australia.html forcedly to wait for the signal lamp of motorcycle rider. Zhou Yingyue went to the sidewalk to stop one of the men because their behavior affected the traffic. The man not only did not converge, but the Zhou Yingyue pushed to the non motor vehicle lane. The 46 year old Zhou Yingyue has always been to the back, but the 4 men did not stop the attack 2 police association. The man flew from a kick to Zhou Yingyue, and then Zhou Yingyue was hit by a fist hit the head, head of the ground, motionless, on the spot syncope. The security guard at the gate of the University of Finance and economics, come forward to one of the men hold down. Zhou Yingyue was sent to the second people’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, the doctor diagnosed as skull fracture, intracranial subarachnoid hemorrhage. According to the city traffic police detachment publicity department director full Jun Peng: police Zhou Yingyue is hitting the site is located on the left hand side above the ear, was sent to the hospital, has been in the ICU rescue. On the evening of 3 awake, consciousness is not clear, at present is still in a semi conscious state. Another police Pan Gui was kicked down, mobile phone broke. medical expenses are Human Resources Inc and together to advance the city traffic police detachment p Traffic Police six brigade member Li Guoxin introduction: Zhou Yingyue in 2002 by the human resources services company sent to six brigade when police Association, work very seriously is six excellent team of the police. His wife was laid off, he was.

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